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Validate your protein model


The services provided by this server are free of charge only for Academic use. If you find CheShift-2 useful for your own research please cite us using, at least, reference 1.


We want to thanks to Angel Herráez for the code behind the "Save Snapshot" button and for the code to dynamically size the Jsmol applet.
We also want to thanks Robert Hanson (and other developers) for making Jsmol possible. JSmol is a Java-free version of the Jmol applet using only HTML5.

A brief description of the method

CheShift has been developed to predict 13Cα and 13Cβ chemical shifts of protein structures. It is based on the generation of ~1,200,000 conformations as a function of the torsional angles for all 20 naturally occurring amino acids. Their 13Cα and 13Cβ chemical shifts were computed at the DFT level. For further details on the CheShift 13Cα chemical shift predictions please read reference 5. The description of the visual, per residue validation, was discused in reference 2. Other references related to the method and its applications are listed below.


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Supported initially by NIH (USA) grant GM-24893, and later by NIH (USA) grant GM-14312, and NSF (USA) grant MCB05-41633.

Support was also received from the IMASL-CONICET (Argentina), FONCyT-ANPCyT (Argentina) [PAV 22642 / 22672] and from the Universidad Nacional de San Luis (P-328501 / P-328402), Argentina.

The research was conducted using the resources of Pople, a facility of the National Science Foundation Terascale Computing System at the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center (USA).