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Validate your protein model

Choose a pdb file:
Choose a chemical shift file:
Reference compound: DSS TSP TMS

What you must provide?

  • A PDB-format file of the protein model.
  • If the PDB file has more than one chain only the first one will be analyzed.
    If the PDB file has more than 20 conformations only the first 20 will be analyzed.
    Important: The PDB file must not have missing residues.

  • A file with observed 13Cα and/or 13Cβ chemical shift values. The format should be the one used in the BMRB or the PDB (alternative this format could be used).
  • Missing observed 13Cα and 13Cβ chemical shifts are tolerated.

    What you will get?
  • Your protein model colored using a 5 color code. Check this example